Important Steps to Know in Executing Basic Life Support for Kids

Emergencies are unpredictable, and it may happen anytime when you are least expecting it. Knowing the things you need to do is important since it is a matter of life and death. These emergencies can happen to anyone, but the most critical to handle are the kid’s emergencies.It is quite a different approach that you need to do when it is a child that you need to save. There are certain guidelines that need to be done to properly save a child in every second that is going to pass. Below are some important things to remember and do when there is a child emergency.

Portrait of a mother teaching baby to walk indoors

  1. You need to check the risk or danger of the situation, to properly apply the life support needed for the child.
  2. After knowing the danger, check if the child is responding by asking them loudly if they are all right. Do not attempt to shake them. Just squeeze the child or infant’s shoulders while you are asking them. Their respond could be opening their eyes or make some significant sound.
  3. If the child or infant is responsive, make them comfortable and observe their airway, their breathing, and the circulation. The circulation means is finding out if there are any signs of life that can be the enough to continue the steps of basic life support.
  4. In case that the patient is breathing but unconscious that is the time that you need to do CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The use of the automatic external defibrillators is required to monitor the heartbeat and pulses of the patient.This is to ensure continuous life support while waiting for the assistance from a qualified medical response team.
  5. There are cases that the people around the patient do not know about the basic life support. It is important to make some approach that can help in saving the life of a child. You can shout for help, approach the patient with proper care, check the patient if they are free from risk or danger, and examine if airway, breathing, and the circulation of the blood is present. It is important to be alert during these times to ensure that the child patient will be saved the soonest possible time.
  6. Your presence of mind is important when someone collapsed in front of you. Make sure to apply the steps to see the proper help that can be provided to the patient.

Life support for kids especially the CPR with children is most important since they are not yet that strong to be independent on how to take good care of their self. Once they are feeling a different thing it is better to ask them questions, do necessary actions that are needed so you can address their health concern as soon as possible. Children or kids are most precious, and they need extra care especially if they are playing outside the house. Parents should be watchful of their kids so emergency can be avoided and so the kids will just enjoy.